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About the purpose
This website was created by Peter Schweer from Zetel (Germany) to find out all the relatives in the Frisian Wehde. For privacy reasons only the names of individuals are available here which are already dead. There is also a Facebook Group „Verwandschaft Friesische Wehde“ (Relatives Frisian Wehde)! In this Facebook group members will only be accepted if they belong to families with members, mainly from the Frisian Wehde prove by „genealogy research“. Advantage of the group: everyone gets to request reports such as Trees for ancestors or descendants, chronicles, lists etc. This is a program used for family customer in which all the first names, last name, date of birth / place (babtism date / place), gender and more are entered by the administrator Peter Schweer. The parents and / or children are then connected together so that all relationships come together through more compounds. The Facebook group is secret so that others do not come to thsi personal information. Releases please via PM or peter.schweer@live.de
Related topics / Links
For further information on the subject of ancestry research, I recommend the following pages:
The  official name of the religious community often referred to as the  Mormon Church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
On th page http://familysearch.org yon can register without any great effort and exchange informations worldwide. Infovideo: http://bcove.me/vbxzbein

Oldenburgische Gesellschaft für Familienkunde e.V.
On the page www.genealogienetz.de/vereine/OGF/index.html You will find various information on family research. As a member, there is also the possibility to see OGF anchestor trees and you can promote their your own research.

Verein für Computergenealogie
On compgen.de you will find comprehensive databases, information on literature, software and much more.

my personal favorite software was first „Personal Ancestral File“. Unfortunately this program is no longer actual.

At https://familysearch.org/products you will find a successor product (Free as well as paid version with more features) named „Ancestral Quest“, which is easy to use.

Since April 2016 i use the program Legacy, you will find on http://www.legacydeutsch.com/index.html
This is somewhat more expensive in the full version (29,95$) as "Ancestral Quest", but the first test with a free basic version convinced me, to use this program from now on. It is very easy to use. The  function for transferring the information to Familysearch is much  faster and you can import entire family branches without any major  circumstances.

I like to make a starting file available, which starts with an ancestor and then can be completed.
The  page "Ancestor list" refers to the "Relationships in the Frisian Wehde" website created by the Legacy program.
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